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SECOND ALBUM: The Brimstone Project

Buy here and listen loud.


FIRST ALBUM: Season Deuce

Season Deuce

Classics from our Second Season. Listen on Spotify, or download on iTunes or CDBaby




The ABZs


The Brimstone Project is a new terrifying and vicious album by the keyboard duo, Corky Has a Band. Rhythmically unrelenting, Sgt. Whiskers' playing of the prepared piano is recontextualized by Prof. Tickles' studio-work with electronics, manipulation, and the sampling of a very angry preacher. Purchase album

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Corky has a band
Corky has a band
Corky has a band
Corky has a band
Corky has a band
Corky has a band

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Corky Has a Band is a hyper-vaudevillian piano duo. It's members, Prof. Tickles and Sgt. Whiskers (killah pianists David Broome and Amir Khosrowpour), find various ways of kindly brutalizing the piano while exploring the sonorous extremities of the absurd through their own compositions, improvisations, and collaborations with dancers, video artists, and other musicians. Virtuosity, sine waves, fist pumps, bliss.

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Corky has a band